• First Known Universe

    The Masters of the First Known Universe are Laboratory animals. RABID a rabbit, RATSO a rat, GERB a gerbil, CLUK a chicken, FRIG a frog and many MICE are creating the universe that we live in. A universal science project.

  • Things

    Each day, seven heroic inanimate breakfast objects, a Knife, a Plate, a Fork, a Spoon, a Cup and Saucer and a Crystal Bowl, band together to save their family from daily ruin.

  • Just Visible Man

    Just Visible Man, the superhero, has one person who believes in him, his one and only Fan. It is hard for her to believe in a superhero who fights corruption, though there is a lot of corruption around. But where is he, on whom the people rely, where is he when you want him or her?

  • Pets ‘r Us

    Did we domesticate the dog, the cat, the horse or did they domesticate us? What would have happened if we human beings had
    been the pets of intelligent elephants and other big animals? If the pets were us?