Feature Development

  • Star of India

    Game development- Get together with a group of cricketing fanatics and embark on a journey to unearth who can manage the star franchise. In this competition your group of select owners each create a team of cricketing stars by drafting players in turn. Once you’ve got a player on your franchise, no other owner can stake a claim on your star. Having created your team, sit back and watch your stars work their magic. Not happy with your initial line- up? Players getting injured? No problems, you as the manager of your own franchise can right the ship and pick new talent during the season.

    Its time to show your friends who can best manage the real Stars of India.

  • Red, White and Blue

    Blue is not from here. He is from somewhere else. No one is quite sure. Though Blue knows that he is not from this dangerous hell
    hole called Louisiana. He is the most valuable thing ever put in this world and everyone wants a piece of him.

  • Marsupia

    A Platypus, with an identity crisis, fighting for the Marsupian Resistance against invading cats, dogs and toads, takes her battle to the peacemakers, the United Nations of Animals and if they cannot declare a ceasefire, then only an extinct superhero can save the Marsupians from the threat of enslavement.