Supervixen is design and motion graphics team established to cater to the needs of organisations and brands looking for edgy, fresh and relevant visual creative ideas. Collaborators Dan Bavell and Morten Rowley’s core strengths lie with Art Direction, Motion Graphic Design, Conceptual Art & Illustration and Direction where they transform provocative and highly original concept based design and commercial based fine art into pure communication for print and screen.

  • Montage Reel: Supervixen

  • Drug and Alcohol WA

    Client: Drug and Alcohol Office WA, Advertising Agency: The Brand Agency Production Studio: Supervixen
    Credits: ECD Gary Horner, Creative Director Craig Buchanan, Agency Producer Gemma Kay, Directors Supervixen, Producer Ian Johnson, DOP Mick Jones, 3D Modelling/Animation Kanin Phemayothin, Texturing/Rendering Nick Kaloterakis, Compositor Bertrand Polivka, Music Rajan Kamahl, Talent Tasha Ross

    Working The Brand Agency WA, Supervixen created a VFX/Shoot TVC highlighting the dangers of drinking among teenagers.

    By representing the human brain as an infinite world of precise clockwork, SV supplied an artistic interpretation of the damage that is caused by alcohol.

  • Jagwar Ma – Man I need

    Client: Marathon Artists Production Studio: Supervixen

    Good friend, Toby Pedersen and Supervixen teamed up again to bring you the new music video by Australia’s own Jagwar Ma.

    This music video was an exploration of �straight ahead� animation, which is painting the animation frame by frame, from beginning till end. There was no planning involved, the process was linear.
    There is a dynamic energy and life to animation done this way, and it is often referred to by animators as animating by �stream of consciousness�.

    The character that appears through the clip, whether he is represented as a silhouetted figure, or a collection of shapes, is conducting a journey that will take him through many different landscapes and will essentially fend for himself against all our brains threw at him.

  • AWI Sport

    Client: Australian Wool Industries, Advertising Agency Circul8 Communications Production Studio: Supervixen
    Credits: Agency Producer Amaury Treguer, Directors Supervixen, Producer Ian Johnson, Music Composition Rajan Kamahl, Sound Mix Damian Jory

  • Arnotts Shapes Concept Art

    Client: Arnotts Production Studio: The LaB sydney
    Credits: Concept and Character Design: Supervixen 3D production: The LaB sydney

    This was the first Arnott’s TVC to be completely CG.

To meet the expectations of the clients, the character, Antonio, was designed to be a cross between actor Eric Bana, Pixar’s Mr. Incredible and human Shrek from Shrek 3.
It was an ad that had to appeal to both young children and women aged 28+.

This piece won a Gold Award at the AEAF Awards in 2007.
3D and compositing was completed at The LaB Sydney.

  • Smirnoff – Motion Design

    Client: Smirnoff Production Studio: Tronic Studios LLC
    Credits: Director, Animator: Morten Rowley, Produced at Tronic Studio NYC

    Smirnoff wanted an animated spot created for an internal promotion. Presented with a rough idea for the style of the spot, Supervixen created an animation representing the brand as “something different”.

  • Wrigleys Character Design

    Client: Wrigleys Production Studio: Fuel VFX
    Credits: Directed by John and Josh Baker of TWiN, (Sydney Film Co) Produced by Nicole Crozier (Sydney Film Co) Concept Art: Morten Rowley

    Directors Josh and Jon Baker of TWiN needed a series of characters designed for 3 upcoming commercials revitalizing the Wrigley’s brand. 
Supervixen were given the brief  to described cute characters originating from food objects. Also they needed to be designed in such a way that they could interact with the real world.
 In the style of “vinyl” toys, these characters were created in 3D and comped into a live shoot. 
The commercials spawned a whole series of fan made art and continues to this day.

  • Panasonic Logo Resolve

    Client: Panasonic Production Studio: The LaB sydney

    A sophisticated endtag to promote Panasonic’s new branding “Built-in Genius”.

The aim of this simple end tag was to create a transition between the line “Built-in Genius” and the Panasonic logo that emphasised the idea that there is a ‘quality’ within Panasonic’s DNA that creates high end technology.

The visual results of a genetic code is a sequence of columns made up of dashes and blocks. 

This end tag was used on every Panasonic ad throughout the 2008 Olympics.

  • Semi Permanent

    Client: Semi Permanent Production Studio: Supervixen Studios
    Credits: Directed and Created by Supervixen.

    Semi Permanent is the biggest design and creative conference to travel to Australia and internationally.

 For this years introduction movie Semi Permanent organisers Murray Bell and Andrew Johnstone approached Supervixen to come up with an intro piece different to anything they had prior.

 What we came up with was a representation of the conference arriving in a country, making an impact, and establishing itself squarely on the map, wherever it lands next.

  • Toyota Prius – Art Direction

    Client: Toyota Production Studio: Fin Design
    Credits: Fin Design, Director Keir Mcfarlane

    A new TVC for Toyota Prius depicting a futuristic world, produced by Fin, Directed by Keir Mcfarlane with Art direction by Supervixen.

 Supervixen’s role was to define the overall visual athstetic, from specifics such as tunnel and bridge design, to ethereal energy trails and lighting.

  • LG Chocolate

    Client: LG Production Studio: Tronic Studios LLC
    Credits: Art Direction, Animation, Compositing: Morten Rowley | Produced and Owned by: Tronic Studio NYC

    A short Animation highlighting the main feature of the new LG “Chocolate” Phone, the large touch screen control buttons.

This Animation was playing non stop on the Prominent LG Billboard in Times Square NYC for over a year.

  • Kodak Gongs

    Client: Kodak Production Studio: the LaB sydney
    Credits: Art direction and Compositing: Daniel Bavell | 3D Animation: The Lab Sydney

    Art Direction, Design and Compositing of an awards package for the Gongs Awards 2006.

Over the past few years, the representatives of the Gongs Awards had always encouraged modern interpretations of traditional chinese styles into their themes, and this year was no different.

  • Dying Breed – Film Titles

    Client: The Spierig Brothers Production Studio: the LaB sydney
    Credits: Art Direction: Daniel Bavell | Post Production: the LaB sydney | Agency: Droga 5

    Art direction for both title credits and promotional material for the Australia feature film Dying Breed. The studio responsible for the release wanted 2 different campaigns to run for the films release. 

One tailored for the horror film fan and one tailored for the thriller market.

  • GE – Go Big

    Client: GE Production Studio: Supervixen / Tronic Studios
    Credits: Director, Animator: Morten Rowley

    For the Next Fest Show in NYC, GE required animations for its massive projection screen that was placed front and center as you entered the Foyer in the Javits Center New York City. The brief called for a representation of smaller things coming together to create something that works. In this case, the block is defined by it’s childlike simplicity, and the city is the amazing creation that can be made if we work together?