Paul Ducco


As a multidisciplinary designer and creative, Paul has worked as a creative lead at some of Australia’s most progressive, design-driven studios and agencies. While he has picked up a number of awards along the way, he’s adventures are driven by great ideas, and visual storytelling.

  • Montage Reel: Paul Ducco

  • Veda Benefits

    Client: Veda, Agency: WiTH Collective, Production Studio: Supernaut
    Credits: Agency Producer Karinne Limberiou, Director Paul Ducco, Art Director Paul Ducco, Animation Matt McKay , Ant Hayes, Animation Assistant Sebastian Tran

    Australia’s leading credit reporting agency, Veda needed a simple and charming way to explain the benefits, changes and offering associated with the rollout of their VedaScore Product … with three simple steps – Check, Improve, Protect. Now that’s good credit.

  • Sustainable Melbourne

    Client: Sustainable Melbourne Fund Production Studio: Burning House
    Credits: Producer Oliver Waghorn, Director Paul Ducco, Animators Michael Tan & Paul Ducco

    The Sustainable Melbourne Fund (SMF) needed to communicate the organisation’s investment program to sustainability minded buildings and businesses around Melbourne. The fund continues to grow, as a leading environmental and sustainability focussed organisation.

    The approach, focus on the simplicity of a good idea.

  • Carriageworks

    Client: Carriageworks Production Studio: Versus Media
    Credits: Director Paul Ducco, Design & Animation Paul Ducco

    As part of their ‘redefine’ campaign, Carriageworks needed to promote and wallpaper their involvement in Sydney Fashion Week. Looking sharp, constantly engaging and combining with audio, the visuals reflect the artwork, performances and spaces that Carriageworks present.

  • ABC Big Digital Things

    Client: ABC, Agency: Spring in Alaska Production Studio: Supernaut
    Credits: Agency Producer Keren Moran, Director Paul Ducco, Art Director Paul Ducco, Animators Glenn Hatton Paul Ducco,

    The ABC needed to let internal departments know of the shift toward a new approach in ICT was about to begin. With a huge network of employees and departments, all needing different things, the design and approach needed to cover a lot without overwhelming people with detailed explanation – using a combination of charming design style, typography and character animation the information started coming to life.

  • This is Shyness

    Client: Leanne Hall Production Studio: Supernaut
    Credits: Art Director Paul Ducco, Designer Paul Ducco, Animator Paul Ducco

    In the suburb of Shyness, where the sun doesn’t rise and the border crackles with a strange energy we meet a guy who howls, and a girl on a mission to forget. What plays out is moving, reckless … dangerous.
    There are things that can only be said in the dark. And one long night is time enough to change your life.

    Capturing the mood and tone of the town of Shyness, the result is an engaging book-trailer for Australian author Leanne Hall’s debut Young Adult novel ‘This Is Shyness’.