Magnetic Theory is an all inclusive Production Company focused on innovative creative outcomes. We strive for excellence from concept to screening, across film and television, digital engagement, branded and event content.

We’re driven to produce brilliant jobs. We represent the best creative talent and only work on projects where we can make a significant contribution.

In a time of continual innovation we strive to keep things simple. We believe in deep collaboration by using technology to open up projects to all involved. This allows for a more seamless approach than was traditionally possible.

For every venture we take great care to tailor the most appropriate creative team. We believe in an open and inclusive dialogue with our clients. We aim to capture the essence of their communication, distill out the essential “idea” and produce it.

Oh, and we love what we do!


Ian Johnson – Executive Producer – Owner

With over 20 years experience in design, animation and visual effects, Ian has a reputation as one of Australia’s leading Producers of creative teams in the post production community.

His experience includes working for Omnilab Media as General Manager of The LaB from 2001 until 2007. During this time of unprecedented growth for the company he repositioned the business from a traditional tape house into a design, animation and visual effects facility, expanding the 3D department from four to over thirty staff and implementing a major refurbishment of the entire building which effected changes to over twenty-five rooms. When he left in 2007, the LaB had become one of the regions largest post production facilities with over 130 full time and semi-permanent staff.

Prior to The LaB, Ian worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor on Feature Films, TVC’s and Television programs. In 1989 he was a founding partner of Conja, one of Australia’s pioneering design, visual effects and animation boutique facilities. Conja produced work for all the leading Australian advertising agencies, production companies and broadcasters including station ID’s for Channels Seven and Ten as well as handling the entire graphic suite for Foxtel for its 1995 launch.